Flowery Chiffon Ribbon Handbag DIY Kit
Flowery Chiffon Ribbon Handbag DIY Kit
Flowery Chiffon Ribbon Handbag DIY Kit
Flowery Chiffon Ribbon Handbag DIY Kit
Flowery Chiffon Ribbon Handbag DIY Kit
Flowery Chiffon Ribbon Handbag DIY Kit

Flowery Chiffon Ribbon Handbag DIY Kit

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Thinking of unique art and craft or DIY concepts that you can easily make and enjoy? Then this Flowery Chiffon Ribbon Handbag DIY Kit is the perfect set for you! It features a flexible mesh material shaped into a foldable bag template with light and silky ribbon yarns for you to knit on using a special knitting needle to easily hand weave and make a fancy crossbody bag.

The DIY handbag kit comes with a selection of pretty ribbon colors that can be knitted on easily through the foldable bag template using the knitting needle. It’s easy to use and can be done very quickly by folding and knitting on the ribbon yarns. Once completed, it easily becomes a cute handbag that you can use to keep your small essentials and is also a perfect gift idea for all ladies


    Designed to make your own cute crossbody handbags using light and silky colored ribbons and 5-fold mesh material bag template. 
    It comes with a foldable mesh material, ribbons, knitting needle, designer chains for the handle to easily hand weave the bag. 

    Choose from six pretty colors for the ribbon that you like on your crossbody handbag. 
    Simply blow-dry the completed handbag to remove dust and dirt or if you need to wash it, it must be done by hand.

    Once complete, you can use it to keep your small essentials or you can even use it on special occasions. 
    Great gift item for ladies especially moms, sisters, and girlfriends on their birthdays and special holidays. 


  • Material: Silk and mesh
  • Weight: 0.24 kg
  • Size: 7.9 x 5.9 inches
  • Belt Length: 43.3 inhces
  • Color: White, Black, Pink-Gray, Pink-White, Pink, Blue
  • 1 x foldable mesh bag template
  • 1 x ribbon yarn
  • 1 x chain handle

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